The benefits of the park are immeasurable and none more important than the benefits to the children of Hollywood.
– Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council


March 2011 Washington, D.C. Advocacy Trip

A FHCP delegation, numbering 16, traveled to DC at their own expense, to advocate on behalf of the park. The delegation spent three days of intensive meetings with members of the House and Senate, Department of Transportation and City Parks Alliance which yielded excellent results.

June 2010 USC School of Architecture, Master Landscape Studio

Under the direction of Professor Gerdo Aquino, 20 gifted master students studied and re-created the park for their term project.  The results were imaginative and well received by the Hollywood community.  Many of their ideas will be incorporated into the soon to be designed Park.

March 2010 Beacon Economics

In anticipation of an essential advocacy trip to Washington D.C., FHCP commissioned Beacon Economics, a leader in the field of economic forecasting, to conduct a study of the park’s return on investment.

February 2010 First Appropriations Request

Working with Congress Member Xavier Becerra, FHCP submitted an appropriations request for FY 2011.  Although the request moved out of the Transpiration Sub Committee, it did not make it to Appropriations.  FHCP intends to submit another appropriations request for FY 2013.

December 2009 Los Angeles City Planning Commission

With Planning Staff, FHCP president Laurie Goldman presented the park project to the Commission.  The 3-D model of the Park was instrumental in describing the immeasurable benefits of the park.

May 2009 IRS Determination Letter

In record time, 2 ½ weeks from the date of filing, the IRS granted FHCP their tax exempt status.  FHCP became a 501c3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

March 2009 Caltrans

Meeting with then District 7 Director, Doug Failing, the FHCP technical committee presented the Park project to Caltrans.  As a result, Caltrans provided their enthusiastic support for the Hollywood Central Park and remain unqualified partners of FHCP

December 2008 Friends of the Hollywood Central Park

Having incubated the park project, the Chamber stepped aside following the release of the Feasibility Study.  On December 8, 2008 a group of 13 Hollywood stakeholders came together to form a nonprofit organization, Friends of the Hollywood Central Park to raise funds to build the Park.  Founding FHCP board members included many members of the original Chamber park committee.

November 2008 EDAW Feasibility Study

Can we build it?  CRA/LA-Hollywood answered the call by agreeing to fund a significant portion of the feasibility study.  The Chamber’s Park committee raised the remaining funds through the generosity of the neighborhood councils and corporate donors.  It should be noted that the Chamber’s proposed park was 24 acres in size.  However, through the foresight of Council President Eric Garcetti, he increased the park size to 44 acres when approval of feasibility study funding came before the City Council for a vote.

November 2008 SCAG Report

The Hollywood Central Park began as an initiative of at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. In 2007, the Chamber persuaded SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) to craft a blueprint for progress by making the Park a demonstration project.