CALTRANS is pleased to support FHCP’s idea to create a bold and innovative urban park of 44 acres over the US 101 Freeway.
– CA DOT – District 7

Our Mission

The Hollywood Central Park

The Hollywood Central Park is a landmark infrastructure project that will create more than 38,000 direct and indirect jobs over 10 years, provide economic stimulus and long term economic security, provide healthy communities and provide children with open green space in which to grow and thrive.

The Hollywood Central Park will transform Hollywood’s disadvantaged communities into thriving economic engines and is an investment in our children, our community and our future.


Friends of the Hollywood Central Park

Friends of the Hollywood Central Park is formed to raise funds to create a new park in Hollywood, one of the most dense and green space starved neighborhoods in Los Angeles, by covering a portion of the Hollywood Freeway (US 101) with a 38 acre street level community park.