The park will be a legacy destined to stand with the icons that make Hollywood famous.
– Council President Eric Garcetti

Sacramento Success
13 September 2015

L-R Edward Hunt, Laurie Goldman, Senator Bob Hertzberg, Jason Brandman, Martha Hunt, Alfredo Hernandez and Doug Campbell

Sacramento Success

Triple digit temperatures and a schedule packed with meetings awaited this year’s FHCP Sacramento Advocacy Delegation this past August. Little did we know the real heat would come from some of the most successful meetings we have ever encountered during any of our advocacy trips.

FHCP’s third annual Sacramento Advocacy trip included board members, Hollywood community members, and FHCP staff who traveled to Sacramento to update legislators and agencies, learn about new funding opportunities and garner more support for the Hollywood Central Park. Of special note was a meeting with Senator Bob Hertzberg, who was captivated by our presentation and declared it “… a perfect project.” His enthusiasm and energy left the entire delegation buzzing for the next two days.

Sometimes the best meetings happen in the hallways of our State Capitol. As was the case when we bumped into Assembly Member Mike Gatto and his Chief of Staff John Ferrera just outside of his office. Although brief, the impromptu meeting with the Assembly Member was most successful as he assured us his commitment to FHCP remained as strong as ever and that he would continue to work on our behalf with his colleagues in both the Assembly and Senate.

Another of HCP’s representatives, Assembly Member Richard Bloom, has become a recurring highlight for our delegation as he welcomed us into his office with open arms… literally. Assembly Member Bloom and his legislative deputy Guy Strahl always have wonderful and creative problem solving ideas and a vision not only for the creation of the HCP but beyond just ribbon cuttings. He has us looking into the future with the possible 2024 Olympics and perhaps using the Park for the marathon, cultural events and competition viewing parties.

The FHCP delegation had the opportunity to present the park to our newest State Senator, Ben Allen. An extremely engaging meeting, Senator Allen has us thinking outside the box with construction scenarios and community engagement. While this project is new to Senator Allen, his eagerness to absorb and process as much information we could give him was encouraging and we no doubt have a strong supporter to add to our ranks.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with our newest supporter, President of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, Robbie Hunter. His support is essential for FHCP and we look forward to continue our strong relationships with our local unions as we move closer and closer every day to building a park for our community.

Other important meetings included key staff from Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon’s office as we work towards including specific cap park language in upcoming legislation, Deputy Director of State Natural Resources Brian Cash, who continues to be a wealth of knowledge for us to tap into, as well as meetings with Senator Ricardo Lara, California State Parks and fantastic legislative staff from the offices of Senators Holly Mitchell, Ben Hueso and Assembly Member Ed Chau.

We also have come to realize that Sacramento is quickly becoming a foodie city with many delightful options to choose from as well as very friendly locals who went out of their way to welcome us into their city and make our stay great.