This 38-acre urban park is a genius solution to the great need of the residents of Los Angeles.
– Bill Roschen, President, LACPC

City of LA holds Park Scoping Meeting
10 November 2014

On September 6th the City of Los Angeles hosted the all-important scoping meeting for the Hollywood Central Park at the STEM Academy at Helen Bernstein High School. More than 170 people from around the community attended this crucial meeting and provided the EIR team with feedback on the scope of work. Public comments were taken and will be used to guide the City and the EIR team’s environmental review of the project. The event was family friendly as arts & crafts activities were provided for families with small children. Of particular note was the large number of students from Helen Bernstein High School who attended. Many of them provided the team with a unique perspective on the future park literally a stone’s throw from their classrooms.

The City and EIR team are diligently working to review and address the community concerns and issues.