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– Albert Einstein

FHCP Board of Directors' Walking Tour
Santa Monica Boulevard Bridge at the Hollywood Freeway
19 November 2013

(Above Photo) Santa Monica Boulevard Bridge at the Hollywood Freeway: Back row (l-r) George Brauckman, Sam Smith, Jason Brandman, James Pugh Next row (l-r) Terri Gerger, Linda Lee, Fabio Vasco, Betty Fraser, Gary Taglyan, Mike Aguilera, Phil Hart, Doug Campbell Next row (l-r) Scott Campbell, Heather Cochran, Bradley Glenn, Bob Soderstrom Front row (l-r) Steven Whiddon, Thaddeus Hunter Smith, Jamie Feldman, Christi Van Cleve Missing from photo: Brian Folb, Kate Folb, Aileen Getty, Laurie Goldman, Alfredo Hernandez, Ed Hunt, Tricia LaBelle Phillip Mershon and Susan Polifronio

On October 12th 2013, members of the FHCP Board of Directors took a walking tour along the edges of the Hollywood Freeway to imagine the proposed park winding its way through busy streets and neighborhoods and the positive impact the Park will have on our community. Accompanying the Board were master and undergraduate architectural students from Woodbury University. Beginning at the Bronson Bridge and armed with a clip board, map and a pencil, board members feverishly wrote down their observations along the route. Among the significant observations were the deafening noise generated by the freeway and pedestrian mobility.

After the posing for the photo above, board members were treated to light snacks and refreshments at the home of fellow board member Ed Hunt whose beautiful 100 year old home on Virginia Avenue, currently being restored, will one day overlook the Southern end of the Hollywood Central Park.

Following the “walkabout” a facilitated discussion, led by the Woodbury University students, engaged the Board in categorizing their findings and observations.